RWS1650 Rubber Wheelstop - Blue Chevrons (Code: RWS1650/BLUE)

Part Numbers:

RWS1650/BLUE Rubber wheel stop with blue chevrons (each)

FXWS/B Fixings for bitumen surface (pack 3)

FXWS/C Fixings for concrete surface (pack 3)


Rubber wheel stops for disabled parking bays:

Our rubber wheel stops are also available with blue chevrons designed specifically to highlight disabled parking bays.

Our rubber wheel stops weigh approximately 18kg against nearly 60kg for concrete. This means one person alone can install our wheel stops against two people with lifting equipment for its concrete counterpart, a considerable cost saving.

The wheel stop is moulded from a tough recycled rubber compound and is finished with a blue chevron parking hazard pattern. It is 1650mm long and 100mm high to comply with the recently updated Australian standard AS2890.1.

There are three 20mm diameter fixing points for each wheel stop, recessed to hide the fixings. The unit can be supplied complete with fixings, simply specify the type of surface, concrete or bitumen. Ask about our installation service to have your wheel stops installed to meet Australian standards.


Additional Benefits:
  • Complies with recently updated Australian standard AS2890.1
  • Far Lighter (18.0kg) than its concrete counterpart.
  • Easy and safe installation by one person
  • Easy and economical to transport
  • Highly visible, distinctive yellow markings
  • Also available with yellow chevrons for general parking spaces
  • Economical to transport, cheaper than concrete. Can be shipped nationally
  • Forklift or hand unload, easy to move multiple units around a site
  • Can be lifted and installed by one person (versus two men for concrete)
  • Lightweight and easy to move, halving the installation time
2.00 EUR